Rules of Life.

Good to be reminded of!

ASD Mummy with issues.


I came across this today via , and it kind of  made me think about how I hold onto things that I should let go of.    I know I do it, and just cant help myself.     I can remember conversation going back years, which havent gone quite right.    It’s a dangerous place to have you mind as it makes you scared of situations that are similar, because you remember what went wrong before.      Its hard therefore not to let past mistakes dictate the present and the future, but I am trying really hard to let go of the luggage I force myself to carry.

I do worry about how others see me.   Not as much as I used to.     I was bullied for years because of my size, by those I should have trusted.      I’m now learning to accept who I am.   Loving oneself is a really important…

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About Anne Thiele Rasenberger

Married with one son. Living in Melbourne, Vic. Completed a Master of Special Needs and Intervention Education through Griffith University in 2015.
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