Distractions of a busy mother…: The Baby Artist

Dear parents,

Please forgive my mother for passing me your e-mail addresses, in absolute confidence.

Mum has recently been nominated for Australian of the Year, as well as for the Pride of Australia Medal because of the work she has done in Midwifery, Humanitarianism and the Arts, in particular, her work doing the beautiful portraits each of you has received. We are so incredibly proud of her, as her family, and have watched her work with you all over the years. So many tears and so much love has passed between you all, because of your losses and the portraits she has done for you.

I am asking you to do one thing for Mum: can you please send me an e-mail explaining how her portrait of your child has helped make a positive difference to you and your family? I would like to put together a little file of special letters from people who have appreciated her work.

I need to have your response within the next week, as the Australia Day Council has requested letters of support from people she has touched in some way. I thought you guys might be able to help her out.

Again, forgive me if I have intruded into your lives, or if this e-mail reignites any sadness or pain. It is not intended to intrude in any way, and I will not e-mail you again after this night.
Thank you for your time and support.

Kindest regards

Caylie Jeffery (Sue Fernandes’s daughter)

ps: I am a writer, and have written an article about Mum that was recently published in several magazines that I thought you might like to read. Here’s a link

This blog is a tribute to my mother, Sue Fernandes. The baby artist.


About Anne Thiele Rasenberger

Married with one son. Living in Melbourne, Vic. Completed a Master of Special Needs and Intervention Education through Griffith University in 2015.
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