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On Tuesday 4 July, I’m stepping out to bring love to life through Walk My Way!

I’m going to walk 26 times around the block (along Campaspe Crescent, down Black Dog Drive through the park next to Arnolds Creek, across the bridge and back down Campaspe Crescent), in recognition of the long dangerous journey refugees must take to find safety – and to raise money to help send a refugee child to school at the same time. It’s being organised by Australian Lutheran World Service, the overseas aid and development agency of the Lutheran Church.

It’s only $26 to help provide a teacher, textbook and table for one pre-school child living in a refugee camp in Kenya, Djibouti, or Sudan. Many of these kids were born here, and know no other life. Some even arrived alone, without mum or dad.

I want to help in a practical way that changes lives – and I know school can do just that!

I’d love it if you could support me in this challenge by sponsoring me. Simply click on the Donate button now.

(If you decide you want to give it a go yourself, you can find out more here!)

Thank you so much for taking action to bring love to life for these refugee kids, and supporting me in the Walk My Way challenge!

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Marriage Petition: Please ACT NOW to save marriage in Australia

Please show your support and sign this petition.

Marriage Petition: Please ACT NOW to save marriage in Australia.

Marriage Petition

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Peter Pilt’s Seven Thoughts about the Sydney Siege



Today the nation of Australia has awoken to the sad news that people have been killed and injured as the siege in Martin Place ended at 2:10am. This blog contains seven thoughts about the siege.

First I will share what has now become an iconic image from the siege. Most of the major Australian Newspapers have carried this image on their front page.


Firstly the details as we know of them this morning.

  • 16 hours after self styled Iranian Muslim Cleric Man Monis walked into the Lindt Cafe and took 17 hostages, police have stormed the cafe.
  • 2 hostages have been killed, a 38 year old woman and 34 year old man.
  • 4 hostages were injured.
  • A policeman has been shot in the face.
  • Man Monis, the hostage taker, has also been killed.
  • Man Monis was well known to the police, he faced court accused of the murder of…

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An Exhibition in Bonegilla –Memories in my LuggageIn 2015 the AGWS celebrates the contribution of the German migrants and expatriates to the Australian Society with a Travelling Exhibition. The Exhibition Launch is on 19 December at the former Bonegilla Migrant Reception Centre and in February at the Goethe Institut Melbourne. After that we will be at different venues around Melbourne. What motivates people to pack their cases and bags – pack up their lives even, and move to a foreign country? Why do we leave behind all that is known to us – our home, our families and friends, to start anew . . . and what happens then?How does the new country welcome us, how do we integrate and get used to a new set of rules, a different political and judicial system, a country where the cars drive on the “wrong” side of the road and where they speak a different language?And what is our contribution to this “multicultural” society, how much of our culture and our traditions do we introduce to our host nation – and how does it all fit together and become our experience?It started with a book: Ein bisschen Heimat im Gepäck (ihleo verlag, Husum, 2014) by Sabine Nielsen, telling the life stories of migrants who arrived here between 1935 and 1956 – refugees, displaced or persecuted people, adventurers and those who sought to start a new life. Even today, their stories resonate in the minds of those recently arrived – or they help those, who feel overwhelmed by a tide of refugees, asylum seekers and new migrants, to a better understanding. The book will be published in English at the end of November: Memories in my Luggage .

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Medicinal cannabis: delaying the inevitable?

Medicinal cannabis: delaying the inevitable?.

‘Experts, not politicians, should also be deciding whether and how cannabis is regulated as a medicine. Photo: Reuters’ ‘…Australia uses morphine, cocaine, amphetamine and ketamine medically but the recreational use of these drugs is banned. If our politicians wanted to they could allow the medicinal use of cannabis but continue to prohibit its recreational use….’
http://www.smh.com.au/comment/medicinal-cannabis -delaying-the-inevitable-20140731-zywp8.html

Medical Marijuana

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Geoff Shaw: ‘They want to silence me’

Maverick MP Geoff Shaw has accused Premier Denis Napthine of trying to silence him for speaking out about Victoria's abortion laws.

Maverick MP Geoff Shaw has accused Premier Denis Napthine of trying to silence him for speaking out about Victoria’s abortion laws.

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“I believe in doing what is right over what is necessarily popularly thought by other members of parliament,” he said….

“I believe in doing what is right over what is necessarily popularly thought by other members of parliament,” he said. “We are to have a voice and I’ve used mine for the good of Frankston and unborn children.” Geoff Shaw is a brave MP in Victoria who wants to change the laws on abortion there that currently allows abortion up to the day of birth. Yes, that’s right, up to the day of birth. He wants that law removed and we are right behind him. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/geoff-shaw-in-interview-with-jason-akermanis-says-he-will-recontest-seat-of-frankston-20140610-39tor.html

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