Peter Pilt’s Seven Thoughts about the Sydney Siege



Today the nation of Australia has awoken to the sad news that people have been killed and injured as the siege in Martin Place ended at 2:10am. This blog contains seven thoughts about the siege.

First I will share what has now become an iconic image from the siege. Most of the major Australian Newspapers have carried this image on their front page.


Firstly the details as we know of them this morning.

  • 16 hours after self styled Iranian Muslim Cleric Man Monis walked into the Lindt Cafe and took 17 hostages, police have stormed the cafe.
  • 2 hostages have been killed, a 38 year old woman and 34 year old man.
  • 4 hostages were injured.
  • A policeman has been shot in the face.
  • Man Monis, the hostage taker, has also been killed.
  • Man Monis was well known to the police, he faced court accused of the murder of…

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About Anne Thiele Rasenberger

Married with one son. Living in Melbourne, Vic. Completed a Master of Special Needs and Intervention Education through Griffith University in 2015.
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